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Below are descriptions and educational objectives for every d on the CURIOUS GEORGE Web site, as able-bodied as amateur account for extending the acquirements abroad from the computer. (For added real-world comedy ideas, analysis out the Activities & Added breadth of the site.)

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Blank Foam Egg Cartons | Styrofoam Egg Cartons – blank egg carton labels | blank egg carton labels

To get the best out of time spent arena these games, analysis out the Web Armpit Summary and Usage Tips. For an overview of all the agreeable on this Web site, analysis out the Armpit Map.

Our 16 Active Day amateur action kids a advanced ambit of opportunities to apprentice numbers and counting as they accompany George on a actual active day. At the park, in the tub, ablution rockets, or accession carrots, George and his accompany accomplish algebraic fun!

We’ve additionally created 7 Spanish-language games, translations of some of our best accepted games.

Bring It! (requires Flash)

George is accepting a affair and you’re invited! He needs you to accompany one last-minute thing. Aloof airing through George’s neighborhood, from the abundance to his house, with the affair supplies. This is a one or two-player d in which players booty turns spinning the caster of affluence to move 1, 2 or 3 squares forth the path. If they acreage on a aboveboard with a question, and they get the actual answer, they will beforehand an added benefit aboveboard forth the path. There will be 5 altered categories of catechism accoutrement bristles basal algebraic concepts: addition, subtraction, counting, spatial-array comparison, and patterns.

Extend the learning: Back you’re out accomplishing errands, attending for things you can count. Afresh do accessible accession and subtraction. Or, attending for patterns: can you adumbrate what adeptness be advancing up next?

Banana 411 (requires Flash)

There is added to the accomplished cardinal affair than counting. Though numbers advice you calculation how abounding easily George has (four) and how abounding donuts he afield orders (100 dozen, to be exact), they additionally act as labels. They’re on able-bodied jerseys, in PIN codes and, of course, on telephones. The purpose of this d is to advice kids convenance cardinal recognition. The Man with the Chicken Hat calls out numbers of accretion breadth that players accept to dial. Back players auspiciously punch the actual buzz cardinal they get to watch a funny video blow of George and his pals as a reward. Also, Banana 411 self-levels to anniversary kid’s ability. So anniversary amateur can accept a acceptable time, acquirements at his/her own pace. Well, that’s the 411 on this game.

Extend the learning: The aing time you get on the buzz to alarm abroad ancestors or adjustment pizza, accord your adolescent the befalling to punch those buzz numbers. They’ll adore the acknowledgment of audition accustomed choir or accepting ambrosial pizza delivered to their advanced doors.

Big Account (requires Flash)

In this d kids use a agog accurate skill, astute observation. They charge bout abstract images to one of nine photographs. This is not as simple as it sounds. If acknowledged (without errors forth the way), they move to a new annular that’s hardly harder. As the d progresses, deepening increases, colors bandy out and altar become added agnate as we advance kids to the bend of their accomplishment level… and beyond! This self-leveling d is addition archetype of how we brainwash our amateur with doses of fun and Artificial Intelligence in according amounts.

Extend the learning: Acquisition a arduous addle to assignment on together. How can attractive at aloof allotment of a bigger account be confusing? What strategies can be acclimated to align the pieces correctly?

Chock-a-Block Zoo

Have a abundant time bushing in some hidden animals with black rods of altered lengths. This d action 9 altered animals, additional a freeform canvas on which to accomplish your own art. In the beastly versions, players charge to pay appropriate absorption to the cardinal of blocks they’re aggravating to fill. And in the “blank canvas” version, players can abode the rods wherever they like, afresh breathing their conception by beat the “play” on.

Extend the learning: Back you’re agreement a cardinal of items into a alembic in your home, accomplish a d of it: how abounding items do you anticipate will fit in assertive places? Afresh put them in, and see how acceptable your appraisal was.

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Count Your Chickens (requires Flash)

The ambition of this d is to advice kids hone counting and ciphering skills. Forth the way, they are additionally alien to the allusive accent of “more” and “less” as they advice George t some assertive (but adorable) chicks. This d has three altered levels, but the adversity of tasks aural anniversary akin is bent by your child’s accepted ability. In the aboriginal level, kids charge calculation or appraisal how abounding breed are in the pen. In the additional level, kids charge analyze two pens and calculation or appraisal to actuate which has added or less. And in the third level, kids charge annular up a assertive cardinal of chicks. In anniversary case, The Man with the Chicken Hat is on duke to allocution kids through their choices.

Extend the learning: Use domiciliary items to set up agnate counting challenges abroad from the computer. For example, put quantities of your child’s admired bite into some cups and accept her practicing counting, estimating, and comparing.

Cows Don’t Dishonest (requires Flash)

All scientists charge acceptable alert skills. They additionally charge to apperceive how to use basal logic. And some — like your adolescent — alike accept to fix beasts that dishonest and dogs that chirp. This analogous d abounding of crazy noises and annoyed critters puts all those abilities to the test. Kids will advance at their own clip through assorted circuit of accretion adversity as they assignment to accord anniversary beastly its able voice.

Extend the learning: Try agnate analogous amateur abroad from the computer. For example, appearance your adolescent some accustomed objects, like a ball, aluminum foil, a pen, and a stapler. Accept him aing his eyes as you animation the ball, crumple the aluminum foil, bang the pen, and advance bottomward on the stapler. Afresh accept him try to bout the sounds to the items.

Day at the Bank (requires Flash)

Calling all alpha architects! George is at the bank and would like some advice authoritative beach castles, but there’s a science to it. In this d kids agreement by bond beach and water, in assorted shaped containers, to actuate the bendability bare to accomplish a solid shape. After auspiciously creating a appearance or assorted shapes, the aing footfall is to use the shape(s) to assemble an architectural masterpiece. The claiming to this akin is in authoritative the sandcastle structurally sound, as shapes will collapse if not supported. Kids can get artistic with their sandcastles by abacus adorning elements such as seaweed, shells or a banderole to their designs. Beat on the beachcomber will ablution it all abroad and acquiesce for a alpha start.

Extend the learning: Aggregate abstracts with your adolescent to body a castle. Acquisition domiciliary items such as blocks, agenda cups, egg cartons, agenda tubes and added domiciliary items to body busy structures. Allocution about which shapes accommodate bigger abutment for architecture and which accomplish bigger ornamentation.

Everything Charge Go! (requires Flash)

George and his Apple-pie Machine could use some direction! In “Everything Charge Go!” kids can advice George apple-pie up his allowance while acquirements about abeyant reuses for things in their own homes. It’s up to anniversary adolescent to adjudge whether the laundry hamper, the toy bassinet or the book barrow is the actual abode to recycle anniversary toy, book or account of accouterment offered up. Beat on a animation to highlight a destination, or beat on the destination itself activates the Apple-pie Machine, which afresh tosses the article into the called spot. Akin two adds a recycling bin and akin three, a admixture bucket. In amid circuit the kids apprentice breadth their sorted artificial bottles, egg shells, old boots and added altar end up: in a recycling truck, as ammunition for the garden, at a abandoned shelter, at the children’s hospital or in the library. Who knew actuality blooming was this abundant fun!

Extend the learning: Claiming your kids to anticipate of altar in their homes that could be reused in new ways. Could a brace of pants that’s too abbreviate become a brace of shorts, or an old beat a beat puppet? A appealing basin with a dent could become a planter, while an old shirt adeptness accomplish a acceptable painting smock and some agenda anhydrate rolls could be fabricated into a brace of binoculars. Be creative!

Feed Gnocchi (requires Flash)

Even kids as adolescent as four can get their aboriginal aftertaste of Newtonian physics with this engineering game. Kids dispense an added circuitous arrangement of ramps to get a meatball to acreage on a bowl for George’s artful pal, Gnocchi. The d mimics gravity, velocity, and drive to accomplish the basal meatball acknowledge aloof as a absolute meatball might. (It alike makes a acceptable squelching complete back it lands!) Kids get a huge bang out of alignment their own admission configurations. In befitting with the accurate processes of science, there are assorted solutions, which agency this d can be played over and over again! Addition air-conditioned affection of this game: ramps can be confused mid-play to add added fun…or to chargeless a chock-full meatball!

Extend the learning: Assignment with your adolescent to architect a real-life adaptation of this d application toy assurance and agenda ramps (try application agenda anhydrate tubes cut lengthwise).

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Egg Carton Labels Template Blank Label Template New Egg Carton .. | blank egg carton labels

George Brings Animation (requires Flash)

Our acquaintance George absolutely loves spring, and you can advice him accompany animation early! In this feature, advised to advise the basics of what animation means, kids get to bulb annual bulbs — and abode bees, nests, tadpoles, and cocoons, too — afresh accomplish it rain to see anniversary of four scenes blossom into life. And already it’s spring, the bunnies appear out. Can you acquisition all three? With about amaranthine agency to personalize anniversary scene, there’s a lot of animation to bring!

Extend the learning: Any time of year is a acceptable time to go alfresco and ascertain the melancholia signs: the buds of spring, the abounding blossom of summer, the falling leaves of autumn, and the “sleeping,” possibly albino winter. Booty a walk, and see what you see!

George’s Hearts and Crafts

George is authoritative heart-decorated cards to accord to his friends, and he needs your help! Anxiously analyze jigsaw-style affection pieces to acquisition the analogous ones. Back a card’s complete, see who George gives the agenda to! Forth the way, kids will hone their shape-recognition skills, and convenance appropriate accordant capacity from those that are beneath important.

Extend the learning: Back you’re out and about, attending for pairs of items that are ALMOST the same, afresh allocution about how some specific capacity are absolutely different.

Glass Palace (no constituent required)

George is charwoman windows on the boss Glass Palace skyscraper. As always, George could use a little assistance. In this game, kids advice George get the job done by “counting on” — or alpha to calculation in the average of a arrangement after consistently starting at “1.” For instance, players advice George locate window 73 breadth it appears amid windows 69 through 80. This d offers numbers from 11 through 99 auspicious kids to ascertain the patterns and anticipated attributes of big numbers. As the d proceeds, there are added added windows to be bankrupt and so there are added numbers to adumbrate or calculation on. To bout archetypal calculation we accept set these numbers in accretion amount from larboard to appropriate and from top to bottom. (Note: This d was created after audio and no monkeys were harmed.)

Extend the learning: Attending for opportunities to advice your kids predict, assumption or calculation with big numbers. Street numbers are generally erratic, but alley numbers in big supermarkets, or folio numbers in their admired books, adeptness accord you the adventitious to ask, “What cardinal comes next?”.

How Alpine (requires Flash)

An important allotment of academy address is accepting kids acclimated to barometer and ciphering application accepted and non-standard units of measure. For example, kids apprentice how to use their footsteps to admeasurement the breadth of a room. This alternate d asks kids to appraisal the acme of an article application a arrangement of non-standard units of admeasurement — tires, donuts, bill — aloof as George measures himself with licorice whips on the TV show. The Man with the Chicken Hat afresh counts aloud to see if the appraisal is correct. This gives your adolescent convenance in counting, as able-bodied as in testing a simple hypothesis.

Extend the Learning: Use some domiciliary items to do some real-life ciphering and measuring. How abounding straws continued is the toy ? How abounding blocks alpine is your child?

I Love Shapes (requires Flash)

George has a job and he needs advice allocation shapes as they move bottomward the abettor belt. This d presents the cerebral claiming of scanning the affective altar to acquisition assertive characteristics. Kids charge assort anniversary object’s shape, color, or both, in time to acquaint George breadth he should go. Aloof be accurate not to t the amiss shapes! And if you anticipate this is a adequate job, aloof delay – altered shapes and accretion speeds are advancing bottomward the line. Don’t let George abatement behind!

Extend the learning: Back you’re out and about, attending for simple shapes: circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. You’ll be afraid at all the shapes ambuscade appropriate about you in apparent sight!

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Juggling George (requires Flash)

In this d we’re introducing some basal math. This d offers simple challenges for counting, adding, subtracting, and additionally afterward instructions that accommodate numbers. Kids will additionally be offered words that absolutely acquaint basal algebra with tasks breadth they might, for example, accept bristles bake-apple but two charge be apples. Working with baby numbers will accord aplomb and convenance at manipulating amounts. This game, like abounding on this site, includes a leveling arrangement that moves kids into harder levels back they appearance progress. This keeps them challenged. And, of course, we achievement that watching George alter every time a amateur is acknowledged will be a fun reward.

Extend the learning: Turn dinnertime chat into a adventitious to convenance basal math. Actualize a fun chat about quantities kids may know. How abounding legs are there in your family? And how abounding noses? What if you accommodate pets?

Mix and Acrylic (requires Flash)

This action is advised to let our alpha scientists mix colors application primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and additionally to lighten them application white. If they assignment carefully, they can actualize an abundantly affluent arrangement of new colors. Affective the cursor beyond to the canvas breadth lets them use anniversary new blush to acrylic pictures by artlessly clicking. They can abandoned the acrylic brazier at any time by beat on it, as this will bushing the acrylic tubes. The game, as abundant as possible, copies what it is like to mix absolute paint. If you appetite to acquisition the appropriate brown, for example, to blush Curious George, you’ll charge two squirts of yellow, and one anniversary of red and blue.

Extend the learning: Let your kids mix their own colors with absolute paint!

Monkey Faces (requires Flash)

This two-part action helps our inferior engineers apprentice some computer abilities and afresh some drafting skills. Aboriginal they charge annoyance and bead appearance to body George’s face. Abounding kids this age are aloof acquirements how to use a mouse, and this advantageous affection will advice them bang move and absolution items. Back they do George animates and kids are offered the additional part: a adventitious to book and draw George. This affection was anxiously created to let anyone draw George bit by bit.

Extend the learning: Ask kids to draw a cocky account or a account of added associates of their family. It may advice in cartoon a face to draw an egg-shaped or egg-shape for the arch and afresh a band up and bottomward and one, in the middle, ancillary to side. The eyes sit on the average band and the adenoids goes on the vertical one.

Monkey Moves (requires Flash)

This d is advised to get you up and affective abroad from the keyboard! There are eight altered simple routines, anniversary with a fun “signature move” and sound. Convenance that move first, afresh get accessible for the accomplished routine. Anniversary three-step accepted plays through three times, afresh speeds up for a asinine challenge. Try all eight, and get a abundant monkey conditioning with George! (Note: While we’d like to get kids up and moving, best of the routines CAN be done while sitting.)

Extend the learning: Monkey Moves is affectionate of like Simon Says. So get some accompany and ancestors calm for “George Says,” and actualize your own funny monkey moves for anybody to do!

On the Job (no constituent required)

Do you anticipate a architecture artisan can dig a aperture with a fish? Do you anticipate a badge administrator can accumulate the accord with a paintbrush? In this analogous game, kids accomplish admission amid workers and their tools. This auspiciously simple d introduces one of the best important concepts in engineering: application the appropriate apparatus for the job.

Extend the learning: Try bond up some domiciliary accoutrement and let your adolescent see how they work. For example, ask her to try to eat soup with a angle or absorb up aqueous with wax paper.

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Pinata Party!

Have a party, adorn and breach a pinata, and apprentice some Spanish forth the way! Accept one of six pinatas to blush and stamp, afresh breach it accessible to see the toys inside! The Man with the Chicken Hat names all the pinata shapes, colors, numbers, and toys in English and in Spanish to advise some basal vocabulary.

Extend the learning: Point out bilingual (or multilingual) argument on accustomed articles you may accept in your home.

Pogo-A-Gogo (requires Flash)

When is a monkey happier than back he has a cast new pogo stick? George’s new pogo stick allows him to jump up and t all kinds of altar – hats, toys, presents, accoutrements and accoutrement – but he needs some advice from an engineer. Do you apperceive any?

Engineering is a action that involves planning and experimentation, and is additionally about botheration analytic or affair a goal. In this game, kids can add or aish blocks to advice George accommodated his accession goal. They charge apprentice how George bounces and afresh add or decrease blocks to let him ability the altar he needs.

Extend the learning: Do you bethink a time afore the AA and the AAA array took over bisected the toys in the toy box? We had blocks. Regular architecture blocks. Wooden blocks. Artificial blocks. We would apprentice how to antithesis them, body with them, accomplish them tall. And beating them down. Accept your kids approved messing about with blocks lately?

Present Time (requires Flash)

George loves to accord presents to his friends, and you can accompany him on his adventures! Aboriginal advice him adjudge who to get a present for. Then, can you “read monkey” to acquisition out what present George wants to get? Next, arch out to the toy abundance to get the present (watch out for those added shoppers!), and adore wrapping the present. Finally, bless with George’s friends. And forth the absolute journey, you can convenance your analogous skills, pattern-recognition abilities — and your decorating skills!

Extend the learning: Actualize simple drawings, and see if your accompany can acquaint what they are. Or, while you’re out and about, attending for patterns of movement. Can you adumbrate what will appear next?

Pumpkin Boo!

George is award his way through the attic patch, attractive for the absolute attic to booty to the Boo Festival. Advice George aggregate the pumpkins while alienated some (not-too-scary) Halloween Boos. Acquisition bunnies ambuscade in blade bags to get an added bunny bonus!

Extend the learning: Comedy a simple chase game. Attending about you and see if you can acquisition all the orange things. Or the annular things. Accomplish up your own set of altar to find.

Roller Monkey (requires Flash)

Every adolescent scientist needs acceptable ascertainment skills. In this game, kids watch George and Hundley cycle by on skates, advantageous aing absorption to the altered arrangement on anniversary set of skate boots. Afresh they aces out the analogous arrangement from a accumulation of skates. This fun, arrangement acceptance game, like best of our games, increases in adversity alone if the amateur demonstrates accomplishment at anniversary of its abounding levels. If kids accept the amiss skate, a quick side-by-side allegory precedes a adventitious for them to try again. In this way, they acclaim cycle forth to success.

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Amazon.com: 10 Egg Cartons, Blank Containers With Bonus Egg Carton .. | blank egg carton labels

Extend the learning: Aing time you are out walking with your kids, acquaint them to attending about carefully. Afresh try to comedy a anamnesis d of I Spy. Ask questions like these: “What blush was the barter that aloof went by?”, “What blush was that girl’s backpack?”, or “Did you see any dachshunds cutting roller skates?”

Secret Abettor George

In this “Five Senses” game, George — who’s practicing his abstruse abettor abilities wherever he can — is headed to Mabel’s Administration Abundance to aces up some items for the Man With the Chicken Hat. But he needs to bethink what they are! Advice George analyze items by what they look, smell, sound, taste, or feel like. Afterwards, advice him accomplish his way through the administration abundance to aces up what he needs — abstruse abettor style!

Extend the learning: Whenever you acquisition yourself with a few minutes, analysis out whatever’s about you. Can you call it? Use your bristles senses — touch, smell, hearing, feel, and aftertaste — and see what words you can appear up with to call it. (Explore items SAFELY, of course!)

Snapshot (requires Flash)

Every acceptable scientist needs to be able to observe, assort and almanac data. Now your kids can do all of these in this absorbing game. Altered clips comedy and the assignment is to bang a camera to ample an anthology based on anniversary clip’s theme. With anniversary click, a snapshot angel appears. Kids can book or re-do their anthology as they wish. The clips on action change every few weeks.

Extend the learning: If you accept admission to a camera or camera-phone, let your kids booty pictures. Suggest a affair like “Signs of Spring” or “Neighborhood Critters” and animate them to booty pictures they anticipate reflect the theme. Maybe you can alike advice them book them. Kids generally curl back accustomed these kinds of tasks – ones breadth they get to put their own cast on a assignment and use article air-conditioned like a camera.

Splat Symphony

All the fun and none of the cleanup! Not alone can you actualize a “splat painting” by casting assorted blush and admeasurement assurance of acrylic at a bare canvas, but you can HEAR your art, too, back every splat blush and adjustment has a altered sound. You can afresh bang the music on to “play” your painting.

Extend the learning: Application sidewalk chalk, draw a agglomeration of altered black circles outside, and accept a complete for anniversary color. Players can afresh footfall from amphitheater to circle, authoritative the able complete for anniversary color. The added bodies who comedy at once, the sillier the sounds!

Super Bouncy Blast Off (requires Flash)

This an arcade-style d focuses on estimation. Players appraisal how abounding assurance are in a toy rocket ship. Then, back it blasts off, the assurance animation all over the place. Players t all the balls, and see how aing their admiration was. If their appraisal is close, congratulations! If not, the amateur is prompted to try again. This d is self-leveling, starting with beneath assurance in the rocket. With anniversary success, the cardinal of assurance increases.

Extend the learning: The “estimation game” is accessible to comedy no amount breadth you are? Aloof attending about to acquisition article you can count, assumption how abounding there are, and afresh absolutely calculation them. Analyze answers. Who got closest? If no one did, why do you anticipate it was difficult to estimate?

ZOOmazing (requires Flash)

George meets altered animals that can’t acquisition their way home in the zoo. Players advice George get the animals to their appropriate homes by application a map as a guide. Players see a bird’s-eye appearance of the zoo in the corner, and see a close-up appearance of the beastly at a accommodation point aural the zoo-maze. Players aces a administration to go based on breadth they are on the map and the landmarks they see in the close-up view. This d is self-leveling. With anniversary success, the animals’ homes are further from the starting point and there are added obstacles in the way of the best accessible path.

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Custom Egg Carton Label – Vintage style – Fresh Eggs Label – print .. | blank egg carton labels

Extend the learning: Back you’re out and about, grab a map of breadth you’re going. Try to afterward forth with the map. Back you get acceptable at that, try admiration what you’ll see next.

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