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To accommodate the basement and accumulator adeptness virtualization bare to accommodate D2T and D2D technologies, Spectra Logic’s nTier Deduplication accessories extend the abstracts aegis operations of VTLs to concrete band libraries, enabling advancement and accretion that meets abstracts assimilation or off-site accumulator requirements.

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Etiquetas para fitas de Backup Lto10, Lto10, Lto10, Lto10 e de Limpeza .. | barcode tape labels for ultrium lto

By Jack Fegreus, openBench Labs

January 22, 2009 — The growing complication of IT environments and the new focus on defining and affair account akin agreements (SLAs) for the abutment of analytical business processing has accelerated absorption in disk-to-disk (D2D) backup. In particular, absorption has been focused on the affluence and description of accretion processes. That absorption has been tempered, however, by the appropriately acute charge to optimize the apparatus of accumulator resources.

Spectra Logic’s nTier accessories accommodate scalable abstracts aegis processes for concrete and basic audience that abode abounding IT needs for optimized advancement processes. Apparatus an nTier appliance, accumulator administrators are able to advantage post-process abstracts deduplication in bulk ascendancy strategies that can be activated in circuitous basic server environments.

Through accumulator virtualization software, an nTier Deduplication apparatus has the adeptness to be both a ambition and an architect on a SAN, which allows a VTL on the apparatus to accept the armament account of a concrete library by synchronizing both the barcodes and the band headers of cartridges in the concrete library. In this way, the nTier apparatus is able to admission a concrete band library and betrayal a agent VTL to all abstracts aegis applications active at a site. And IT administrators are able to advancement an absolute concrete band library around aloof by adjusting the agreement of the agent VTL.

In so doing, IT garners all the advantages of a adult D2D advancement action scheme, while at the aforementioned time VLT and concrete library synchronization maintains all of the acceptable abstracts aegis that off-site band accumulator and hardware-based band encryption provides. This is decidedly important as IT is added beneath accountability to accommodated authoritative acquiescence mandates that ascertain accurate levels of abstracts security. With its preconfigured RAID-6 Fibre Channel deejay arrays, simplified attenuate accessories of VTL armament storage, and automatic agreement of abstracts deduplication requirements, the Spectra Logic nTier Deduplication apparatus simplifies IT administration tasks and leaves alone the assignment of absolute site-specific action issues. By accouterment a circumscribed bureaucracy of resources, an nTier Deduplication apparatus simplifies the use of automatic policy–based administration systems, helps lower activity costs for advancement and adversity accretion operations, and eases the accountability on IT to accommodated SLAs for added advancement believability and added abstracts security.

Virtual tapes and machines

To accretion angle on the adeptness of the Spectra nTier Deduplication apparatus to abridge abstracts aegis processes, openBench Labs set up a abstracts aegis analysis book for a VMware vSphere4 ambiance apparatus two Dell PowerEdge 1900 servers. On one server we installed VMware vSphere, VMware Circumscribed Advancement (VCB), and Symantec’s NetBackup (NBU) 3.5.4 software. On the additional server, we acclimated VMware ESX 4.0 to host eight VMs active Windows Server 2003. Anniversary VM was configured as an apparatus server active SQL Server and IIS.

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Product | HPE LTO-10 Ultrium RW Bar Code Label Pack – barcode labels – barcode tape labels for ultrium lto | barcode tape labels for ultrium lto

To accommodate our basic operating ambiance with a hierarchical accumulator basement for backup, we set up a Spectra nTier v80 apparatus and a T50e concrete band library provisioned with two LTO-4 drives with 4Gbps Fibre Channel connections. On the nTier v80, we configured three VTLs to abutment three audible analysis scenarios: a basic Spectra T50e to analysis automatic abstracts caching, a basic StorageTek L180 to analysis deduplication of advancement images of archetypal Windows-based files, and a basic Spectra T200 to analysis deduplication of VM advancement images. The nTier apparatus supports the automatic appetite of a advanced ambit of concrete band libraries and band drive options.

To abutment the accumulator needs of VTLs created on an nTier v80, Spectra Logic accoutrement the apparatus with 1TB drives in groups of eight, which are configured as RAID-6 arrays. This arrangement gives anniversary arrangement a accessible accommodation of 6TB. Total arrangement accommodation charge again be allotted to a Distinct Instance Repository (SIR), which food different instances of deduplicated data, and a VTL armament pool, which food raw abstracts that has not been deduplicated and pointers to SIR abstracts afterward a deduplication process. By default, anniversary nTier apparatus is preconfigured with an SIR basin and a VTL accumulator pool. For our Spectra nTier v80, accumulator accommodation allocated almost in a 2-to-1 arrangement for the SIR basin compared to the VTL pool.

The charge to accommodate for a basin of raw abstracts as able-bodied an SIR basin is appropriate of abstracts deduplication schemes that administer column processing for deduplication. In particular, there are a cardinal of factors that affect the bulk of accumulator that the VTL basin will require. These factors accommodate the cardinal and accommodation of basic cartridges, whether attenuate accessories has been activated to the cartridges, and alike whether some VTLs accept been configured afterwards abstracts deduplication—an advantage with column processing.

Moreover, the FalconStor deduplication agent acclimated in the Spectra nTier apparatus provides abundant behavior that IT can advance to activate abstracts deduplication of the armament abstracts based on either the delayed time afterwards a advancement or the actual accommodation of the cartridge. This agency deduplication can action over a actual advanced time breach that ranges from anon to the time it takes to absorb the abounding accommodation of a VTL cartridge.

We activated attenuate accessories in anniversary of our analysis VTLs. In particular, we configured the cartridges to accept aloof abundant antecedent accommodation to cautiously abundance a archetypal advancement angel for that VTL. We set the incremental advance in armament accommodation for anniversary VTL to be amid 10GB and 20GB. We additionally fabricated abstracts deduplication an on-demand action rather than an automatic one for anniversary VTL in adjustment to advance best ascendancy of our analysis results.

When abstracts deduplication is enabled on a VTL, the nTier Deduplication apparatus creates a abstracted coffer of basic band drives that are alone acclimated aback abstracts is deduplicated on a cartridge. While the SIR and all added constructs acknowledging abstracts deduplication are absolute of the VTLs created, the rules administering abstracts deduplication are cartridge- and VTL-specific.

Backup, transfer, dedupe

HP 10

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For our two absolute VTLs these were the alone accomplish bare to activate utilizing the libraries. To analysis automatic abstracts caching with the T50e concrete band library, the VTL agreement action appropriate several added accomplish that began with the bureaucracy of a communications articulation with a ambition concrete library.

In our analysis case, both libraries were of the aforementioned type—a Spectra T50e. This is not a requirement: The analytical commonality is not the robotics, but the appropriate characteristics of the band cartridges. This leaves IT chargeless to accomplish basic upgrades to any VTL that is apparent to abstracts aegis applications in abode of the concrete library. In our tests, we added six added LTO-4 band drives to the basic Spectra T50e apparent to NBU. With this configuration, we were able to aback up eight VMs accompanying and abbreviate the advancement Window for VMs hosted on our ESX 4.0 server.

We began by apparatus the VTL interface to accomplish two of our four Fibre Channel adapter ports initiators rather than targets. This accustomed us to ascertain the Spectra T50e on the nTier v80 and accredit the concrete T50e to the basic T50e that we had created.

We were now able to accord our basic T50e with its concrete partner. During this process, basic cartridges were created on the VTL with the aforementioned bar codes as the cartridges in the concrete library. In addition, we buried the attack of anniversary concrete armament on its basic partner. This closing footfall was appropriate by NBU, which checks that the barcode and the band attack of a armament bout afore it writes abstracts to the cartridge. This affection makes it absurd to use both the concrete and basic libraries accompanying with NBU: The two libraries actualize alike barcode entries, which battle in the NBU media database.

We took the nTier automatic abstracts caching action one footfall added by blockage the bloom of the media in anniversary armament amid in the concrete T50e apparatus the Spectra BlueScale Media Lifecycle Administration (MLM) on the library. This affection accustomed us to aish basic tapes from the VTL that were partnered with doubtable concrete cartridges. As a result, we did not accept to anguish about media abortion aback we affected new abstracts from the VTL to the concrete Spectra T50e.

In this way, the NBU media archive remained accurate for both basic and concrete cartridges. In particular, we would even the capacity of the buried basic cartridges to the concrete T50e and again administer abstracts deduplication to the basic cartridge. Apparatus nTier automatic abstracts caching, from the nTier deejay we created a advancement band armament that could be encrypted apparatus the T50e’s BlueScale Encryption Key Administration and beatific off-site for defended storage, while befitting a bounded archetype of the advancement with a accumulator bottom book minimized by abstracts deduplication.

Saving amplitude with all-around deduplication

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lto tape barcode labels lto ultrium barcode labels 10 – Top Label Maker – barcode tape labels for ultrium lto | barcode tape labels for ultrium lto

We began our appraisal of the nTier Deduplication appliance’s advancement and restore capabilities by apparatus NBU to aback up the capacity of a aggregate on a Windows server absolute 46GB of abstracts to a VTL on the nTier v80. Afterward the backup, we ran a abstracts deduplication process. Afterwards deduplication, the nTier v80 was able to represent all of the abstracts by autumn aloof 4.6GB of different abstracts in the SIR accumulator basin and 359MB of arrow abstracts in the VTL pool.

We were able to restore the deduplicated abstracts aback to the server at a amount of 75MBps. This would serve as a baseline for achievement with our ESX 4.0 host server. Alike added absorbing was the aggregate of advancement throughput and the accumulator apparatus assets that the nTier apparatus was able to accommodate for our vSphere and ESX 4.0 basic environment. By allocating eight band drives to both our Spectra T200 and T50e VTLs, we were able to run eight VM advancement processes targeting either VTL in parallel. As a result, NBU was able to amount antithesis beyond the eight processes and accumulate a abiding beck of abstracts abounding to the nTier v80.

We were able to abbreviate the advancement window for the VMs hosted on our ESX 4.0 server by analogous the cardinal of band drives in the VTL accumulator ambition with the cardinal of VMs to be backed up. In that scenario, NBU ran anniversary drive in alongside and amount counterbalanced the advancement streams beyond the accessible bandwidth of our nTier v80 with its distinct RAID-6 accumulator array.

This agreement acerb accurate the use of the nTier v80’s automatic abstracts caching feature. Apparatus either the basic T200 or the basic T50e, both of which we had configured with eight LTO-4 drives, we were able to handle a abiding beck of VM advancement abstracts on the adjustment of 225MBps and afterwards deduplicate armament abstracts for a net accumulator accumulation of 35-to-1.

Jack Fegreus is the CTO of openBench Labs.


UNDER EXAMINATION: VTL with abstracts deduplication

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IBM LTO Ultrium 10 Data Cartridge with Label 10V10L B – barcode tape labels for ultrium lto | barcode tape labels for ultrium lto

WHAT WE TESTED: Spectra Logic nTier Deduplication apparatus

Spectra Logic nTier v80 appliance

— (2) Intel Xeon dual-core CPUs– (2) 1Gbps NICs– (2) 4Gbps dual-port FC HBAs– 8TB RAID-6 storage– Spectra BlueScale Web Interface


Dell 1900 PowerEdge server

— Quad-core Xeon CPU– 4GB RAM– Windows Server 2003 — VMware Circumscribed Advancement (VCB)– Veritas NetBackup v6.5.3

Dell 1900 PowerEdge server

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USD 10.10] DELL LTO-10 tape barcode label(DELL LTO Ultrium 10 tape .. | barcode tape labels for ultrium lto

— (2) Quad-core Xeon CPUs– 8GB RAM– VMware ESX Server– (8) VM apparatus servers– Windows Server 2003– SQL Server– ISS

Spectra T50e Library

— (2) Dual-port 4Gbps FC controllers– (1) IBM LT0-4 band drive per controller– Spectra BlueScale Web interface

Xiotech Emprise 5000 deejay system

— (2) 4Gbps ports– (2) DataPacs


— The nTier accessories aerate apparatus of accumulator assets via the attenuate accessories of basic band cartridges and abstracts deduplication. — Post-processing deduplication can be appointed based on the breadth of time afterwards a advancement or on the apparatus of basic band cartridges.  — Advancement benchmark: A advancement of eight VMs on a VMware ESX 4.0 host ran at 225MBps with eight accompanying streams.– Restore benchmark: Afterwards active abstracts deduplication and abbreviation the accumulator bottom book on the adjustment of 10-to-1, a restore of Windows book abstracts ran at 50MBps. — The nTier v80 provides for allotment agent VTLs to concrete band libraries by caching the barcodes and band headers of band cartridges in the concrete library. — Automatic caching of band cartridges provides for artful advancement abstracts to concrete cartridges for security, while advancement bounded deduplicated cartridges on the VTL for quick recovery.– Hashing algorithms accredit the nTier Deduplication accessories to accommodate accelerated deduplication of band cartridges, which are about candy at 128MBps. — Accumulator apparatus benchmark: Afterward the advancement of eight VMs on a VMware ESX 4.0 host, we ran a deduplication action on all eight cartridges. Anniversary 12GB advancement angel was represented by different sets of abstracts in the SIR alignment in admeasurement from 245MB to 600MB, apery an boilerplate abstracts deduplication arrangement of 35-to-1.

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Free Barcode Labels for Ultrium LTO Backup Libraries – IT Support Guides – barcode tape labels for ultrium lto | barcode tape labels for ultrium lto

How You Can Attend Barcode Tape Labels For Ultrium Lto With Minimal Budget | Barcode Tape Labels For Ultrium Lto – barcode tape labels for ultrium lto
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