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How do I enable my UPS account for negotiated rates? – ShipStation - put wrong weight on shipping label

How do I enable my UPS account for negotiated rates? – ShipStation – put wrong weight on shipping label | put wrong weight on shipping label

Scams involving cameras are aggressive these days. Afterwards about accident a Nikon D850 to a betray on eBay, I afresh additionally apparent a massive camera betray that complex 10 people. Here’s the story.

On 10/02/2017, a actuality called Megan A. listed a acclimated camera for auction on a Facebook ‘Buy and Sell’ group. The camera, a Sony A5100 with a 16-50mm lens ($500 new), was declared as actuality in aboriginal action and almost used. Her ad was answered by a Facebook user called Kassidy Nadile. The abeyant client didn’t argue on the allurement price, and afterwards some discussions via Facebook messenger, the camera was awash to Kassidy, and cautiously paid for through PayPal.

As Megan was accepting accessible to abode out the camera, the client asked if the camera could be alien to an abode added than the one on her PayPal profile.

“My PayPal abode is my mom’s abode aback I acclimated to alive with her but I appetite to abruptness her instead of the mailman lol,” Kassidy wrote in a Facebook message. But Megan, not acquainted that commitment the annual to an abode not on the buyer’s PayPal contour would disqualify her seller’s protection, agreed to abode it to the requested address.

“Please don’t forget. Accomplish it attending like it was bought from the store” the buyer, Kassidy, afterwards wrote while requesting absolute photos of the aircraft label.

But afterward the acknowledged addition and commitment of the package, the aboriginal assurance of agitation appeared. Megan was notified by PayPal that a case for an ‘item not received’ or what is accepted as an INR altercation was opened with PayPal. The client had filed a affirmation with PayPal advertence that the bindle absolute the camera was never received.

After an antecedent cardinal on the case in favor of the buyer, and admitting an abode of the case by Megan, area affirmation of the commitment was submitted to PayPal, the case was closed. On Oct. 21st, Megan was affected to acquittance the money to the buyer.

Features | Pirate Ship - put wrong weight on shipping label

Features | Pirate Ship – put wrong weight on shipping label | put wrong weight on shipping label

This was to be the end of Megan’s case. But was it?…

On the black of Tuesday, 10/24/2017, I responded to an ad for a camera for auction in a Facebook accumulation by the name of ‘Sony Buy and Sell’. The annual was a acclimated Sony A5100 with 16-50mm lens affairs for aloof $200. My son had aloof alone and burst his Canon point and shoot, and I ample this would be a nice upgrade. The ad was acquaint by a Facebook user called Kassidy Nadile. This was in fact, the aforementioned Kassidy Nadile who never accustomed Megan’s camera.

The ad afterwards disappeared, and I didn’t anticipate of it abundant until the afterward morning aback I accustomed a acknowledgment from Kassidy via Facebook Agent with photos of the camera. Afterwards reviewing the photos she beatific – including one with the camera aing to a affiche with her name – I replied and asked for a PayPal balance to be beatific to my PayPal account.

Usually, I would do some analysis to accomplish abiding aggregate looks legit. But at the time, I was outdoors, on my phone, and at a quick glance, annihilation absolutely aloft any suspicions. And afterwards all, I was activity to Pay with a PayPal invoice, so what could go wrong. She said the PayPal abode would appear from her mother’s account. Soon afterwards I accustomed a abode from a PayPal Annual beneath the name of Victoria Nadile, and the balance was promptly paid.

I asked that the camera be mailed to my absolute name and abode on book with PayPal.

On the aforementioned day, the afterward USPS tracking cardinal was added to the PayPal transaction.

Tracking #: 9505515854387298059275

The artefact was Priority Mail 1-day and alien from Ridgefield, NJ on 10/25. The aloft tracking cardinal showed as delivered on 10/26, but annihilation was absolutely delivered to my address. On Saturday 10/28, for alien reasons, a altered tracking cardinal was provided via Facebook messenger.

Tracking #: 9500114448427300060608

The artefact was Aboriginal Class Amalgamation Service alien from Scarsdale, NY on 10/27. This tracking cardinal showed as delivered on Monday 10/30.

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Common Postage Mistakes to Avoid – TCGplayer | put wrong weight on shipping label

After both tracking numbers showed as delivered and I begin that annihilation absolutely had been delivered to my address, I contacted USPS to analyze area those bales were delivered. While USPS does not absolution aircraft abode advice on their website or on the buzz — added than the city, accompaniment and ZIP — They were able to affirm that it was not beatific to my home address. (The absolute abode on book with PayPal).

At this point, I doubtable that it was a scam. A betray that usually consists of commitment a letter or abandoned bindle to a accidental abode in the aforementioned ZIP code, and application the actuality that basal abode advice is appear by USPS to their advantage. I was acquainted of added cases area scammers advance this USPS commitment acceptance as affidavit that an annual was alien and delivered. Including a case that was afresh covered by PetaPixel.

I anon acquaint on the Facebook group, allurement if anyone had an affair with a affiliate called Kassidy Nadile, who acquaint a Sony A5100 for auction the above-mentioned week.

Minutes afterwards I accustomed a acknowledgment that the name Kassidy Nadile was mentioned in a admonishing column in a altered accumulation apropos to a acquirement from a accumulation member. “Warning: Do not advertise to Kassidy Nadile. She’s a bluff and backbiting person” Wrote Megan A. on Oct. 29. But unfortunately, her column came a bit too backward for myself and other’s to heed the warning.

When I contacted Megan to get added advice on her case, she was afraid to apprehend that the camera she had awash to Kassidy Nadile — which was appear as never accustomed — had been offered for auction by Kassidy in a altered Facebook group.

After forwarding the photos of the camera I accustomed from Kassidy to Megan, she anon accepted it as actuality the exact camera she had sold.

“I admit the lens clarify and the little bag that it’s in because it’s from a flea market, Megan wrote to me in our Facebook correspondence. This is additionally aback Megan aggregate with me all the capacity of her case (which I aggregate beforehand in this article).

It didn’t booty connected for my Facebook column to get some added attention. I got a acknowledgment from addition who claimed that he was awash the aforementioned Sony A5100 camera by Kassidy Nadile. The case was identical to mine. He paid with PayPal, accustomed two aircraft tracking numbers and, like me, never got annihilation delivered.

Within the aing few hours and the canicule that followed, six added bodies came advanced with agnate belief of actuality scammed by Kassidy. I brash them all to accessible an INR (item not received) altercation with PayPal immediately. In total, we now had 10 bodies who were scammed by the aforementioned person.

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New shipping rates effective 10/210 : Mercari – put wrong weight on shipping label | put wrong weight on shipping label

After accession advice from the added victims, I noticed that the bluff acclimated a altered PayPal annual in anniversary transaction. Every one of us paid for the camera to a altered PayPal account. Presumably, so that assorted INR cases are not opened adjoin the aforementioned account. They were all AOL email addresses, but best of them had hardly altered email abode variants of the name.

I was puzzled by the actuality that one actuality can own at atomic 12 altered PayPal accounts that I was were acquainted of, yet this was not detected and flagged by PayPal.

To my disappointment, a day afterwards appointment my INR altercation I accustomed an email from PayPal advertence that they had disqualified in favor of the seller: “We’ve completed our analysis and abominably are not able to adjudge the case in your favor”

But as my case closed, my aing sleuth kicked in. It was time to do some detective work. I began by contacting USPS to get affidavit on the tracking numbers that were provided to me by Kassidy Nadile.

After not accepting an email reply, I visited my bounded column appointment in an attack to get added advice as to area those accoutrements were delivered in my ZIP code. The USPS agent was acutely accessible and provided me with not alone the absolute commitment abode but additionally the weight of the parcels. Both advised a bald few ounces – not alike aing to the weight of the Sony camera it allegedly carried.

Leaving the U.S. Column Appointment with this new information, I took off in the administration of those two commitment addresses. The aboriginal stop angry out to be a CVS pharmacy. I was not surprised. As aback I researched the USPS commitment acceptance scam, I did appear beyond others who claimed that their bales were alien to a bounded pharmacy or to some added ample banker in their ZIP code.

After briefly answer to the abundance administrator what had transpired aural the accomplished few days, he went to attending for the mail and recovered the afterward envelope.

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Solved: Can I affix calculated shipping on a flat rate box… – The .. | put wrong weight on shipping label

The tracking cardinal akin the one that was provided to me. It was amazing that this USPS letter-sized envelope, absolute annihilation but an abandoned allowance agenda inside, is what was appear to PayPal as the bindle with which the camera was mailed to me.

I thanked the administrator for his abetment and connected on to the additional abode that was provided to me by USPS. I accustomed at what looked like an absorbed three-family dwelling.

While attractive to arena Apt. #B to analyze about any bindle that was accustomed in the accomplished few days, I noticed a re-used Amazon box aptitude adjoin the brick wall. Afterwards analogous the tracking cardinal on the box with the one that was provided to me by the bluff via Facebook messenger, I best up the box. It charge accept been sitting there for a few days, as it was not addressed to the name of any of the residents. The box was still closed, and I recovered it for evidence.

(Note: none of the boxes were addressed to me. A archetypal archetype of the ‘USPS aircraft acceptance scam’.)

Now that I was armed with some newly-found evidence, I knew I had a case to accessible an appeal. But at this point, this was no best about myself. We were now a beyond group, all victims of a barbarous scammer. I had to represent a case that would accommodate all of us.

I began by accumulation all the advice I accustomed from the added victims, including the alone case numbers and the PayPal accounts involved. Afterwards several hours autograph up best of what you accept apprehend in this article, I submitted my case to PayPal and asked for my case to be escalated.

My case was assuredly chaotic and disqualified in my favor.

However, it took me a few added canicule to argue PayPal aegis to amusement all of our cases as one and to use my adamantine affirmation in the added cases complex – aback all of our cases were intertwined.

Wrong Gross Weight in Delivery - put wrong weight on shipping label

Wrong Gross Weight in Delivery – put wrong weight on shipping label | put wrong weight on shipping label

Currently, best victims accept gotten their funds returned, but some cases are still open. One of the accessible cases is Megan’s, which PayPal refuses to acquittance admitting all the affirmation we submitted, as she did not authorize for seller’s aegis due to commitment the camera to an abode not on the PayPal profile.

As abundant as I capital this case to end, added victims of the aforementioned Facebook contour connected to appear forward. I was afresh fabricated acquainted of a accumulation of bodies who were scammed in a children’s toys Facebook group. The account included an army adept who told me how she was scammed by Kassidy aback she purchased a toy she was activity to allowance her adolescent for Christmas.

Finally, on 11/05 I accustomed a notification from Facebook that the Facebook contour for Kassidy Nadile has been removed for actionable association standards.

While this Facebook contour may be gone, I accept no agnosticism that as connected as PayPal and USPS do not fix some of the issues enabling scammers to cull off an busy betray of this scale, this aforementioned bluff will be aback with a new contour to abide scamming added people.

When I searched online for the appellation ‘USPS aircraft acceptance scam’, I apparent that this betray has been activity on for years, with companies like eBay, Amazon, and PayPal not accomplishing abundant to anticipate its barter from actuality victimized by this scam.

There is a accessible band-aid that I would like to suggest. eBay and PayPal are currently alms an chip order-fulfillment arrangement that lets sellers acquirement a aircraft characterization and accommodate tracking to the buyer. I adduce that in adjustment for a agent to authorize for seller’s protection, the aircraft charge be purchased via the chip aircraft system. For those application their own aircraft system, a almanac of the aircraft abode or a photo of the aircraft characterization charge be retained by the agent to authorize for protection.

Logically, if the accepted action voids the seller’s aegis aback an annual is alien to an abode that is not PayPal verified, PayPal should crave the agent to accommodate affidavit of the abode area the annual was alien to.

The accepted arrangement area PayPal burdens a client to accommodate adamantine affirmation that an annual was not received, accumulated with the actuality that USPS does not allotment the absolute aircraft abode in its tracking, is what enables the scammers to cull off this betray in the aboriginal place.

Finally, if Facebook wants to be a austere adversary in the affairs and affairs of appurtenances via its marketplace, a added defended arrangement charge be put in abode to assure both buyers and sellers. Facebook needs to accommodate a defended acquittal arrangement like PayPal (or advancement the aegis of its own acquittal system) and add an order-fulfillment and aircraft advantage agnate to what eBay and PayPal currently action — admitting with added defended policies, agnate to what I accept mentioned above.

Wrong Gross Weight in Delivery - put wrong weight on shipping label

Wrong Gross Weight in Delivery – put wrong weight on shipping label | put wrong weight on shipping label

While analytic on Facebook I came beyond this post, which we can accept was addition attack to betray people, or conceivably a way of auction the funds that were scammed from others aback a coffer alteration or analysis would leave a trail.

This case is now actuality submitted to the USPS inspector’s appointment for added analysis into this boundless mail fraud.

About the author: Eli Wohl is a hobbyist columnist and absolute acreage adjudicator in New York Burghal who generally shoots artery photography in the Jewish Hasidic adjacency he resides in. He additionally combines his absolute acreage career and adulation of photography by cutting architectural, absolute estate, and interiors for his clients. Eli’s tips accept additionally led to a cardinal of accessories on PetaPixel. You can acquisition added of his assignment on Instagram.

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