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You would anticipate e-commerce and billow accretion behemothic Amazon.com (AMZN), afterwards 20 years of able growth, would accept run out of allowance to pump up its top line. But the aggregation continues to accept new opportunities. Amazon is accommodating to try its duke at about any array of business, does able-bodied at the aggregate of them – and threatens to abort dozens of added companies with its success.

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The latest attack into alien territory? The June accretion of PillPack turns Amazon into a mail-order pharmacy, with a twist. PillPack packs all pills it dispenses into abandoned bags, anniversary with a altered time and date to be captivated by the customer.

That’s not Amazon’s aboriginal adventure alfresco its space. Amazon’s additionally a grocer, a appearance venue, a bagman of handmade crafts and alike a video d developer, aloof to name a few.

As a result, Amazon has become at best a headache, at affliction a adaptation threat, for any battling alignment in its past. Indeed, in November, we tallied up 32 companies that looked like abeyant victims of Amazon’s amaranthine expansion. Today, we’re attractive at 49 companies Amazon could annihilate – a few updates of the aboriginal list, but additionally an alarming cardinal of new accoutrement that accept collapsed into Amazon’s crosshairs – as able-bodied as one accepted kill.

The absolved advance of Amazon didn’t abash auto genitalia suppliers like O’Reilly Automotive (ORLY), AutoZone (AZO) and Advance Auto Genitalia (AAP) for a connected time. Car genitalia are too heavy, beefy and specialized to be handled like a consumer-centric commodity. And besides, aback mechanics (DIYers or the absolute thing) charge a allotment to use in a repair, they usually appetite it quickly. The big three names in the auto genitalia bartering d haven’t bare to worry.

But times accept changed, helped forth by inventory-management technology and commitment networks that are accommodating and able to handle appurtenances they artlessly couldn’t before. That’s why Amazon was accommodating to admission the affray in January 2017.

It didn’t booty connected for brick-and-mortar operators to notice. AutoZone shares fell 27% during the aboriginal bisected of 2017, absorption a first-quarter acquirement and balance miss. O’Reilly hit a agnate headwind in Q2 2017 as well, as did Advance Auto Parts.

All three stocks accept aback recovered, as the bazaar realizes Amazon hasn’t yet unleashed the aforementioned calamity acumen Amazon hasn’t unleashed the aforementioned affectionate of calamity on the auto genitalia bartering industry that it has on added consumer-facing markets. Accord it time though. The actuality that a little added than bisected of this trio’s business, on average, comes from consumers rather than mechanics, it’s a absolute befalling for Amazon to become a disruptor.

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Amazon’s acquirement of Accomplished Foods Bazaar beatific shockwaves through the organic-grocery business, but aloof as accessible (albeit in a altered way) are added accepted grocers such as Kroger (KR), a endemic Albertsons and the grocery arm of Walmart (WMT).

Yes, Accomplished Foods and Kroger somewhat overlap, decidedly aback Kroger has stepped up its amoebic and accomplished foods offering. But it’s not the brick-and-mortar addition that should anguish Kroger shareholders the most. Added apropos is that consumers are added adequate with the abstraction of acclimation their potato chips, laundry bactericide and amphitheatre coffee from Amazon.com, aloof like they adjustment appointment aliment or books.

Recent numbers from industry analysis accouterments One Bang Retail acquaint the story. Aback the end of aftermost year, Amazon has awash 18% of all advantage purchased online in the United States, authoritative it the bigger online grocer admitting added apparent names in the business additionally alms online ordering. The close estimates the aggregation awash $650 actor account of advantage in the additional division of this year, up 40% on a year-over-year basis. Beverages, of all things, are acceptable to be Amazon.com’s acknowledged grocery category.

As time rolls on, added bodies aloft in the internet era are acceptable adequate with the abstraction of not arcade in an absolute grocery store. This about-face plays appropriate into Amazon’s hand.

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Music isn’t the abandoned audio Amazon.com can digitally deliver. It’s additionally the client of Audible, which boasts the bigger audiobook library in the world. It’s a absolute blackmail to (among others) Audiobooks.com and Playster.

Don’t aish this market’s importance. Although audio books abandoned generated $2.5 billion account of acquirement in the United States aftermost year, the admeasurement of the bazaar is not abandoned growing, it’s accelerating. In the aboriginal quarter, the industry’s acquirement was up 32% year-over-year, extending a longstanding hot streak.

What was abundantly missing from the audiobook mural for a connected time was a axial name, amphitheatre the role Netflix (NFLX) played aural the alive video amphitheatre in mainstreaming the audio books.

Amazon abundantly has become that player.

Audible controls about 41% of the audio book market, as of the best contempo look. And, like Netflix, actuality the aboriginal to become the dominant, defining force in a accurate bazaar leaves little allowance for a additional or third amateur … which is all Playster and Audiobooks.com are in a position to adore from here. But amphitheatre additional dabble to Amazon in any business is a problem, abnormally aback Aural can be awash as allotment of an Amazon Prime package.

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Bookstore alternation Barnes & Noble (BKS) and Joseph-Beth Booksellers were the aboriginal above victims of the acceleration of Amazon. Remember: Initially, Amazon.com was an online bookstore, and the appearance of e-readers – again tablets – fabricated e-books commonplace, added displacing concrete bookstores.

One end aftereffect for B&N is 11 afterwards years of crumbling sales, and the 12th appears to be underway. Addition end result: nine beeline years of net abundance closures.

The amount may get worse, too. CEO Demos Parneros was concluded afterwards abandoned 14 months on the job during which he apparently couldn’t drive any assessable change. A account from the aggregation abandoned said Demos had abandoned accumulated policies, and added fabricated a point of adage it wasn’t a amount of artifice or misreporting of results.

Such a disruption actuality abandoned exacerbates the basal problem.

Global Data Retail analyst Neil Saunders explains the claiming bluntly and succinctly, saying, “People may bead in for a browse but they won’t accomplish a committed cruise to a bookstore. They don’t accept the charge and they don’t accept the time. The way bodies boutique changed, and that’s been adverse for Barnes & Noble.” Ditto for tiny Joseph-Beth, which has four aliment larboard in the U.S.

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There are a cardinal of specific gaming companies that, with the barring of YouTube Gaming, won’t amphitheatre any accretion with investors. But aural video gaming circles, Hitbox, Mixer, Dailymotion, Beam and a accomplished aggregate of added non-descript names are affluence familiar. All of these organizations accept developed belvedere that let gaming admirers pay to watch added bodies comedy video games.

Yes, it’s a absolute thing. Aftermost year about 700 actor bodies watched addition abroad comedy a game, admitting some advance the amount is absolutely afterpiece to 1 billion, depending on how it’s measured.

What does that accept to do with Amazon?

Amazon.com is the client and abettor of Twitch, which is the world’s best accepted destination to watch added individuals comedy video games. Not clashing YouTube, the maker of the video and Amazon breach any cable acquirement created by a accurate gamer’s channel, so that amateur has an allurement to do able-bodied and abound his or her audience.

It’s accessible there’s allowance for added than one amateur in the game-streaming space. It’s absurd there’s allowance for added than one ascendant player. For the aforementioned acumen Facebook (FB) became the abode area the apple can accumulate online, the bigger army attracts the best d players, and the best d players allure an added bigger crowd.

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There’s no abstinent that electronics banker Best Buy (BBY) pulled off a miracle.

The added Amazon.com waded into the chump electronics market, the added agitation Best Buy begin itself in. By 2012, babble about Best Buy’s approaching doom was common. Abounding accepted the aggregation would chase in Circuit City’s footsteps to bankruptcy, as Amazon was artlessly too competitive.

A funny affair happened on the alley to oblivion. Turnaround artisan Hubert Joly took the captain that year and began alive on a turnaround plan to save Best Buy. It worked, at atomic according to Joly. He flatly said beforehand this year, “We accept angry about the business, it’s about area we go from here. We accept not abandoned survived but thrived and I don’t accept this is a winner-takes-all market.”

Last quarter’s numbers advance there’s some accuracy to the matter. Company-wide acquirement was up 6.8%, and same-store sales grew 7.1%.

Hold off on the achievement lap. Best Buy wasn’t adverse the best difficult of comps aftermost quarter, and it charcoal to be apparent whether there’s a advance aisle in abode or if Best Buy is artlessly appropriation the acquirement plateau to a hardly college level. It will booty a few added abode to apperceive for sure. In the meantime, Amazon is assuredly activity to advance back, reminding Best Buy that it’s boxy to action a abiding war adjoin a bigger army.

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Major video d publishing accoutrement such as Activision-Blizzard (ATVI) and Electronic Arts (EA) will be affected to face off with Amazon at some point in the future. Both those companies are big abundant and well-grounded abundant to authority their own, however.

The aforementioned can’t be said for all the smaller, “indie” d developers and game-engine providers such as HeroEngine, Unity, Blender, Godot and more, which eventually could feel the burden from Amazon.

Confused? You’re not alone. Admitting best investors – and alike best gamers – don’t apperceive it, Amazon has a duke in the video d development arena. It owns a d agent alleged Lumberyard, acceptance developers and designers chargeless admission to this solid technology accountant from a aggregation alleged Crytek. Amateur such as Crucible and Star Citizen are some of the aboriginal AAA amateur the Amazon belvedere has produced.

You’ve heard little about this because the accomplished accomplishment still is in its infancy. It’s accessible not alike Amazon absolutely knows area it’s going. So it’s not absolutely bright who should be afraid about Amazon’s abeyant push.

Given Amazon’s arduous admeasurement and strength, though, any of the abate players in the awful burst d development industry should abhorrence what Amazon may try to do already it feels Lumberyard is accessible to advance in a big way.

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No one disputes Amazon.com has baffled the art of carrying annihilation and aggregate that isn’t perishable, but what about pre-packaged meals? Yep, the e-commerce aggregation can do that too. It got into the business in the average of aftermost year, and it has aback stepped up its game. Its access into the chase is a absolute blackmail to the cast of battling meal kit accoutrement Blue Apron (APRN), Hello Fresh and Plated.

The marketability and activity of the alleged “pure plays” in the business were never all that strong. They’re all accountable to the alteration – usually ascent – amount of food, and it takes massive calibration to accomplish meal kits cost-effective abundant to about-face into a acceptable business. Blue Apron, for instance, is one of the bigger names in the business yet still is boilerplate a profitability.

Another acid absoluteness of the meal kit biz: About three-fourths of Blue Apron’s and HelloFresh’s barter stop affairs them (on a approved abject anyway) aural about six months. The abstraction is creative, but not necessarily one with longevity.

To the admeasurement there is a applicable meal kit market, though, Amazon.com has an edge. Two edges, actually. One of them is the actuality that Amazon consistently serves added than 300 actor customers, abundant of whom will analysis drive a meal kit. The added bend is that Amazon doesn’t accept to about-face a accumulation affairs pre-packaged meals. It can abstract a accumulation from those barter by affairs them added articles and services.

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Energizer Holdings (ENR), which of advance is the name abaft Energizer batteries, acutely is one of the best apparent names in the business, as is Duracell, which is captivated by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B).

Batteries currently awash beneath Amazon’s “Basics” characterization don’t absolutely affect abysmal cast loyalty.

Don’t aish the abeyant of Amazon’s access into the acutely arid business. In the United States alone, the array business (including the automotive basal of the market) is account about $17 billion per year, and Amazon already outsells all added array brands in the U.S. As of aftermost year, Amazon.com awash a little added than 30% of all consumer-electronics-sized batteries for use in the United States, adjoin Energizer’s bazaar allotment of about 12%. Duracell is captivation up a little better, antic about 21% of aftermost year’s non-rechargeable array business in the U.S.

It’s absurd either cast will anytime be wiped out completely. But Amazon doesn’t alike absolutely advance its Basics array added than as an add-on acquirement at its website, and yet it already has accurate confusing to the two bigger brands in the business.

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Teachers Pay Agents is an unconventional, admitting brilliant, business idea. Rather than proverbially re-create the wheel, agents can actualize structured classroom handouts and materials, again advertise them to added (often overworked) agents who may not accept the time to do so for themselves.

It’s not absolutely bright how big the bazaar is. Owler provides an appraisal of $5.8 actor in anniversary revenues for Agents pay Teachers, but the ecosystem of the money its 80,000 contributors acquire is abundant larger. Aftermost year, they collectively banked added than $100 million. For perspective, the arbiter bazaar in the United States abandoned is account about $11 billion per year.

Amazon’s added confusing role in the average of that affray is its about new Amazon Affect site, which is “an accessible accord account that helps agents to calmly discover, gather, and allotment affection educational agreeable with their community.”

The botheration for Agents Pay Teachers, Educents and all their peers? Amazon Affect is chargeless to use.

That may or may not consistently be the case, but as connected as it’s free, it’s a blackmail to for-profit sites in the aforementioned arena. Conversely, should Amazon eventually opt to accomplish it a accumulation center, it’s apt to about-face up the calefaction on announcement Amazon Inspire. That could prove awful confusing to the added venues that accept commercialized DIY classroom materials.

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Etsy (ETSY) was, and is, a ablaze idea.

Some things are aloof not meant to be fabricated or awash in bulk. Handmade one-of-a-kinds still accept a abode in consumers’ hearts, but makers of these appurtenances are adverse an added boxy time in aloof actuality able to appearance their articles to an added absent market. By bringing a huge cardinal of artisans beneath one roof and again announcement the absolute collection, Etsy has auspiciously melded an old-school abstraction with the new.

But Amazon noticed, and responded. In 2015, the e-commerce behemothic launched Amazon Handmade, demography a ache at Etsy.

Amazon’s disruption of Etsy has been hit and miss. Etsy’s acquirement grew 30% year-over-year aftermost quarter, and the aggregation upped its full-year acquirement guidance, too. Acutely Etsy is accomplishing article appropriate beneath the about new administration of above eBay (EBAY) controlling Josh Silverman.

Still, Amazon may boring but absolutely demography a assessment – or at atomic banishment Etsy to booty a assessment on itself. In July, Etsy upped the transaction fee it accuse merchants from 3.5% to 5.0%, annoying abundant annoyed amid some of its sellers that it’s a accepted abhorrence abounding of them will attending abroad … such as Amazon. Amazon Handmade accuse appreciably more, but additionally boasts appreciably added business firepower.

Amazon appears to be amphitheatre the accepted connected game, planning to win the war by attrition.

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Ride-hailing casework Uber and Lyft were connected anticipation to be abeyant victims of Amazon. Whispers that Lyft was aiming at bindle commitment were circulating, and Uber was waist-deep into the package-shipping business. Amazon was application contractors to bear bales as well, though, and the attack into bodies busline would accept been an accessible one.

Amazon’s focus is elsewhere, however. Rather than expands its arrangement of commitment drivers, beforehand this year it angled bottomward on architecture its own commitment alternation application contractors. Alleged Amazon Commitment Account Partners, the aggregation is auspicious individuals with an ambitious spirit to body their own business by carrying Amazon-ordered parcels. Such a adventure takes aim at the cast of United Bindle Account (UPS) and FedEx (FDX).

The Amazon Commitment Account Partners adventure isn’t a direct, absolute blackmail to the actuality of FedEx and UPS. Indeed, some of these deliveries may able-bodied be ones that those bigger acumen accoutrement don’t appetite to do.

Amazon isn’t a aggregation that thinks small, however. With a agile of 32 commitment jets in operation and a growing agile of trucks on the road, the aing accustomed footfall is bridging the two and absolutely acid out middlemen like FedEx and United Bindle Account from abounding of its commitment chains.

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GameStop (GME) historically has fabricated its money by confined as the middleman, but the d publishing industry’s move adjoin downloads and abroad from discs and cartridges is added authoritative the area beneath of a destination for gamers.

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Jefferies analyst Stephanie Wissink explained the botheration in July, acquainted “We’ve empiric allusive appraisal amplification beyond retailers area allowance ante base, appraisement ability allotment (inventory & markdown clean-up), and area participation/consumption is healthy.” Wissink added, however, that “GME has not alternate in this changeabout … due in allotment to administration turnover, abridgement of an articulate eyes & direction, and cardinal fears about software accumulation dependence.”

Don’t misunderstand. GameStop additionally sells d downloads via its own website. Amazon does too. Neither area is absolutely out of the bend aback it comes to this archetype about-face underway aural the gaming business.

But Amazon.com induced 2.8 billion altered visits aloof over the advance of the aboriginal bisected of the year. It artlessly draws a bigger crowd, and the gamers amid them apperceive they can buy downloads via the site. GameStop’s website artlessly doesn’t allure about as abounding people.

The apriorism is axiomatic in the numbers. Acquirement has been afloat lower aback 2011, and added about than not aback 2012, the alignment has arise slight declines in per-share profits. Its aboriginal division acquirement was off to the tune of 5.5%, acid profits about in bisected year-over-year.

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Initially, the acceleration of Amazon.com was not abandoned not a blackmail to book publishers; it was a benefit, authoritative it accessible for consumers to acquirement a book rather than crave a appointment to an absolute bookstore.

Technology never stops boot forward, though. The development of e-books and e-readers has quelled the charge for press and aircraft while accompanying accession Amazon.com as an e-book hub. For the army that still prefers the feel of cardboard and the attending of a aggregate on a bookshelf, Amazon’s Actualize Amplitude can align for a book to be printed on-demand – alike aloof one at a time.

With that advantage on the table, acceptable book publishers like Penguin Random Abode and Hachette Books are disturbing to absolve their new role as a agent that doesn’t accompany any absolute amount to the table. Amazon can do the business job too, or at atomic action a belvedere that will acquiesce an columnist to advance a book as finer as a publishing abode about does.

The archetype about-face adjoin self-publishing continues to get absorption too, democratizing the amplitude in a way that accelerates that shift. Jeff Bezos acclaimed in his best contempo letter to shareholders that that added than 1,000 absolute authors acceptable added than $100,000 application Kindle Absolute Publishing aftermost year. For 2017, Amazon paid out added than $200 actor to its authors.

The numbers alert one key question: Who needs an old-school publisher?

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Most consumers accept heard of online business agenda and analysis athenaeum Yelp (YELP). Ditto for Angie’s List, which was endemic by InterActiveCorp (IAC) but afterwards spun off into ANGI Homeservices (ANGI). What best consumers don’t yet realize, however, is that Amazon is agilely advancing into that market.

It’s alleged Amazon Home Services, and it looks a lot like Angie’s List. Homeowners attractive for annihilation alignment from tech abutment to adjournment casework to yardwork can browse Amazon’s curated account of account providers and apprehend reviews apropos their antecedent work. Angie’s Account and Yelp action agnate information. And while Yelp additionally serves up advice about a array of added consumer-facing businesses such as restaurants or retail stores, there’s no abstinent that Amazon Home Casework is a applicable addition antecedent of advice on abounding fronts.

Given that Amazon already connects consumers with restaurants a them, abacus reviews to the mix wouldn’t be a above abstruse hurdle.

Nothing is amiss with Yelp yet, at atomic not accustomed its best contempo annual balance report. Sales were up 12% year-over-year, and per-share profits grew from 9 cents to 12 cents. But the aggregation hasn’t yet faced Amazon in a full-on fight.

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Even article as banal and common, yet garment-specific, as t could be chaotic by Amazon.

At aboriginal glance, it doesn’t arise Amazon has accustomed its t and actual business any accurate appropriate attention. Abounding of the bed-making and ability aliment the website offers are featured on the aforementioned basal folio acclimated to advertise all sorts of added goods, and the featured seller, Fabric.com, appears to be the almsman of the accepted handoff Amazon makes aback a chump needs article that can’t be awash en masse.

But booty a afterpiece attending at the website that Amazon.com redirects you to aback you bang on the abundant at the top of the “Fabrics” page. You’re affairs t by the backyard from Fabric.com, but Fabric.com is wholly endemic by Amazon.

It’s a actual un-Amazon-like business, admitting the aggregation knows article best consumers and investors don’t: The t and bed-making accumulation bartering bazaar is account about $4 billion per year, and globally, the t bazaar is accepted to be account added than $1 abundance by 2025.

That’s added Amazon-like! Amazon’s bend in the amphitheatre is that it has the much-needed calibration that best t outlets and retailers don’t. That’s a botheration for Jo-Ann Fabrics.

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If you own any activewear antic the Goodsport, Rebel Canyon or Peak Velocity labels, you’re absolutely cutting one of Amazon’s acquaintance abode brands. The aggregation got into the business for itself backward aftermost year.

The attack was a bashful one – added of an agreement than article meant to accomplish a splash. It abundantly was meant to ample gaps larboard bare by the able-bodied accoutrement names that weren’t alms the absolute beyond of their calendar at Amazon.com. Best aggregate Amazon does, though, starts baby and eventually gets big abundant to become disruptive.

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It’s a attempt at names such as Lululemon Athletica (LULU) and Beneath Armour (UAA), which are well-recognized brands but fiscally disturbing companies. Beneath Armour has been saddled by debt, while Lululemon is award that an added aggressive ambiance isn’t active profits any college admitting ascent revenue.

Nike (NKE) is accessible too, but actuality the bigger and best admired name in the business, it could aloof as calmly account from the actuality that Amazon has put added activewear manufacturers on the defensive.

It absolutely wouldn’t be a cogent amplitude to wreak some cogent calamity in the semi-specialized accoutrement arena. Morgan Stanley acclaimed beforehand this year that Amazon.com already generates added U.S. accoutrement acquirement than any added retailer, accumulation 8.6% of the bazaar for itself in 2017. And aftermost year, online accoutrement sales grew 7% to accomplish up added than 20% of the market, while in-store purchases fell 3%. Amazon is well-positioned to advantage its own able-bodied accoutrement into the equation.

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Reminder: Appointment Depot (ODP) and OfficeMax are now one and the aforementioned company, accepting alloyed aback in 2013 as a agency of arresting itself from the apathetic abrasion of the appointment accumulation business.

Amazon.com – and Amazon Business in accurate – put that abrasion into motion.

It still wasn’t enough. That’s why Appointment Depot and a captivated Staples approved a alliance of their own a brace of years later, answer that unless the two retailers formed as one, neither would survive. The Department of Justice didn’t buy into the argument, however; it feared that whittling bottomward the cardinal of ample brick-and-mortar appointment accumulation accoutrement would abuse consumers.

Little has afflicted aback then. Appointment Depot managed to top its second-quarter balance estimates, catapulting ODP shares higher, but a afterpiece attending at the Q2 address reveals that not all of the apathetic advance was alike organic. It was apprenticed by acquisitions and new initiatives. Perhaps worse, the blah year-over-year after-effects arise to be the new normal.

Staples doesn’t accept to acknowledge its annual results, but it’s difficult to see how it could be faring abundant bigger than ODP. Neither can attempt with Amazon’s prices, and low prices are aggregate to business customers.

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When consumers mull their agenda music options, Amazon Prime about isn’t a name that comes to mind. The chase for online-radio mindshare has abundantly been won by the cast of Spotify or Pandora (P) … or increasingly, Apple (AAPL), which was afresh able its own subscription-based account to accompaniment the a la carte attributes of its iTunes store.

However, a advanced swath of consumers are allure to Amazon’s beat. As of Q1, Amazon Music boasted 12.7 actor regular/monthly users. That pales in allegory to the “Big Three” of Apple, Pandora and Spotify. But because how little accomplishment Amazon.com puts into music, that user abject could access up bound if Amazon turns up the heat.

Amazon’s acknowledgment to the agenda music bazaar may absolutely be abundant bigger than it seems on the surface, too. That’s because you additionally could accommodate the cardinal of Amazon Prime subscribers that booty advantage of the Prime Music action accessible to Prime members. There’s no close amount on how abounding bodies accept to some array of online audio via Amazon, but the aggregation said the cardinal is in the “tens of millions.”

One baby abuse in its music platform, then, could accomplish Amazon alarmingly disruptive.

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Rite Aid (RAD) absolutely acceptable a atom on Amazon’s account of acceptable victims a few months ago – aback aback rumors were alone bouncing that the e-commerce accouterments was dabbling with the abstraction acceptable a biologic dispenser. Little had arise of the achievability at the time, but acutely abundant has changed.

Aside from the blackmail that Amazon’s accretion of PillPack poses to the Rite Aid, the actual allotment of Rite Aid that wasn’t awash to Walgreens (WBA) still needs advice in reinvigorating sales and profitability. A partner/buyer appears to be a agency to that end, but award a suitable, accommodating suitor is proving boxy to do. The latest ambitious accomplice was grocery alternation Albertson’s, admitting such a bond may not absolutely accept been of any account to investors. Proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Casework bound a address on the amount aloof a few weeks ago. It wrote, “The alliance combines two low-margin, over leveraged companies, both of which are adverse acute aggressive environments.”

Shareholders agreed, bidding administration to annihilate the accord and abrogation Rite Aid in charge of a buoy that doesn’t arise to be on the horizon.

Amazon is abundantly amenable for the “heightened aggressive environments” both parties are facing. Amazon not abandoned owns PillPack and Accomplished Foods Market, but it’s additionally affairs all sorts of accessible dry appurtenances via its online platform.

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In all fairness, Amazon has been authoritative things boxy for all brick and adhesive retailers. Sears (SHLD) is the blood-soaked and sickest affiliate of the herd, though, and accordingly the casualty best accessible to Amazon.com.

Revenue has been shrinking aback 2006, and the aggregation hasn’t angry a full-year accumulation aback 2011. In retrospect, hedge-fund-manager-turned-CEO Eddie Lampert should accept anchored as abounding of its ailing assuming aliment as he could rather than artlessly afford them in an accomplishment to accession much-needed cash. Or, maybe Sears (and Kmart) were and still are artlessly unfixable.

The irony? Sears has absolutely partnered with Amazon on assorted occasions in an accomplishment to drive sales. In October of aftermost year, Kenmore – a Sears-owned cast of home accessories – apparent a new band of acute refrigerators that assignment with Amazon’s bogus intelligence abettor Alexa. In July of aftermost year, Sears listed a aggregate of Kenmore branded appurtenances at the Amazon.com website. In May of this year, Amazon began affairs tires to consumers that ultimately would be installed at a Sears Tire Center.

The disturbing banker may abandoned be agriculture the barbarian that will eventually eat it, however. Amazon additionally is affairs tires that Monro will install, and Amazon.com sells Maytag and Frigidaire home accessories too, alike if those added brands aren’t featured as prominently.

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Sears, and Kmart, are aloof too abysmal into the Amazon quicksand now to action their way out.

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It’s not absolutely a abstruse that bodies beyond the U.S., and about the apple for that matter, are added anxious about what they’re eating. Chemicals and pesticides are absolutely out of fashion, as is genetically adapted produce. En faddy are amoebic goods, and area at all possible, locally sourced foods.

It’s a trend that initially sprang activity for accoutrement like Sprouts Farmers Bazaar (SFM) and Trader Joe’s, which historically accept been the go-to options for health-conscious consumers. Now that battling grocer Accomplished Foods Bazaar is an Amazon holding, it can account from Amazon’s able business reach.

That’s not the abandoned bend Amazon has on its organic-grocery rivals, however.

Unlike Trader Joe’s and Sprouts, Amazon isn’t all that anxious about axis a accumulation in the grocery biz. Indeed, the aggregation is about annoyingly coy about how its grocery business is doing, alms no allusive capacity of its performance. Actuality in the business is artlessly addition agency of aing with consumers, affairs them added into the Amazon ecosystem, area they can be monetized in added ways.

More than that, though, Amazon’s appetite of dominance-at-all-costs has accustomed it to become the low-price baton in the accomplished foods and amoebic grocery market. Unable to attempt with the giant, The Fresh Bazaar appear in July it was closing a absolute of 15 stores.

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Amazon.com has accurate ambiguous for the cast of Walmart (WMT) and Costco (COST), and added recently, carnality versa. All three companies are big abundant and altered abundant from one addition that they’ll be able to at atomic avert their turf.

Target (TGT) is in a tougher situation, however. It has neither the admeasurement of Walmart, the appraisement ability of Costco nor the arduous online attendance of Amazon.com. It’s trapped about in the middle, which aural the apple of avant-garde bartering is the aftermost abode any alignment wants to be.

You can see this abstraction at assignment in the company’s best contempo balance report. Although budgetary Q1’s same-store sales grew nicely, investments in Target’s online attendance and customer-attraction efforts – such as deliveries and price-cutting – coiled margins from 7.1% a year beforehand to 6.2% this time around. Morningstar’s analysts apprehend added of the aforementioned abundant spending ahead, and Target isn’t in a position to outspend its competition.

There is one plausible, admitting low-percentage, ray of achievement on the horizon. Added than once, Amazon has been accounted to be absorbed in accepting Target. Such a action would instantly accord the alignment a retail brand that could prove added ambiguous for Walmart than Target is on its own. But artlessly acquisitive for a buyout is never a acceptable abundant acumen to buy or stick with a stock.

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Supply accouterments W. W. Grainger (GWW) has captivated up bigger than abounding investors accepted it would aback Amazon appear it was tiptoeing assimilate its accommodation aftermost year with a belvedere alleged Amazon Business. Indeed, GWW shares are up added than 120% from their August 2017 lows, abundantly apprenticed by apathetic and abiding acquirement and balance advance that analysts didn’t anticipate Grainger would achieve.

How did GWW administer it, and adjoin a bigger foe that cares little about profits? Macquarie analyst Hamzah Mazari explained beforehand this year, “Close to $2.5 billion of their revenue, out of their absolute $10 billion, was uncompetitively priced, so they cut their amount to be added in band with the bazaar … in the fourth division they showed volumes were up bifold digits.”

It has formed so far. But Grainger isn’t well-equipped to action a amount war, and CEO D.G. Macpherson has already hinted that gross margins about 38% would be the new norm. That compares afield to gross margins of 44% accomplished in 2013. And Grainger will abandoned hit that 38% cardinal if Amazon does article actual un-Amazon-like and doesn’t alpha a amount war aural this business sliver.

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Last but not least, a acclaim for Toys R Us.

After a poor assuming for 2017’s active anniversary arcade season, the a captivated toy aggregation assuredly absitively to alarm it quits in March 2018. It didn’t alike bother gluttonous a client that ability be attractive for a bargain way to beat up a accustomed name, or accumulate some bargain bartering aboveboard footage.

Not every eyewitness absolutely blames Amazon.com for the annihilation of Toys R Us. In abounding commendations (and like so abounding added brick-and-mortar retailers), Toys R Us became awkward on its own – operationally and fiscally – and never absolutely accomplished it until it was too late. Greg Portell, advance accomplice at retail adviser A.T. Kearney, commented in June, “If you’re activity to accept that beyond of inventory, you charge addition in the abundance to advice you acquisition it, advice you acquaintance it. It’s adamantine to advertise toys in a cold, barn environment.”

If not Amazon, addition amateur would accept connected to dent abroad at the once-iconic toy abundance chain.

Still, the actuality that Amazon.com is accounted to be advancing the press of a acceptable anniversary toy archive this year sends a bright message. That message: Amazon isn’t endlessly now. With the bigger pure-play blackmail out of the way, it’s activity to be alike easier for the aggregation to go afterwards added toy sellers such as Target and Walmart.


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