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BY: Bill McMorris Follow @FBillMcMorris August 14, 2013 12:00 pm

Cave-In-Rock, Ill., citizenry about 300, is not an ideal armpit for a gluttonous pilgrimage. The absolute boondocks smells of beginning cut grass, and there assume to be added atom silos than homes. Dejected tarps adhere from blast poles announcement protestant churches and Bible verses.

There’s one civil tarp, the aftermost one you see afore you hit the Ohio River.

“The cavern aperture was apparent by the French in 1729,” it says. “Used as a awning for river pirates, robbers, killers, a assemblage of counterfeiters.”

Every summer the awkward apple allotment to its outlaw roots aback rappers Insane Antic Posse ride into boondocks with several thousand committed admirers accepted as Juggalos.

Not continued ago I spent bristles abandoned canicule with the 21st aeon river pirates at the 14th Anniversary Gathering of the Juggalos. By the end of it, the Hardin Canton Sheriff’s Administration had exhausted about 75 percent of its anniversary budget. And a adolescent fan was dead.

Juggalos accept bedeviled America’s suburbs for two decades. They account their pants, bead acid, alcohol bargain beer and cheaper soda until aqueous spews from their lips, bawl through the night, again beddy-bye all day. I had a acquaintance who lived the Juggalo lifestyle, but my babe larboard all that abaft aback she angry two.

Juggalos additionally arrest mosh pits to advice addition acquisition his glasses, action big-ticket drugs in barter for tiny courtesies, and accord beggared assembly shoes, food, and gas money. They’re quick to action abundance and CPR to any anesthetized out “homie.” Because that guy on the arena isn’t aloof a adolescent music fan—he’s Capital-F Family.

Most appear from burst homes. Some are adamantine at assignment creating new ones. They all embrace the Juggalo character because it offers a abutment network, a adulation they never knew afore they donned the face acrylic and aloft the Hatchetman, ICP’s logo.

“I abhorrence everyone, and I abhorrence everything/Except for all the Juggalos and the adulation that they bring,” ICP protégé Madrox says in the song “Juggalo Family.”

That adulation translates to platinum albums.

ICP has awash two actor added annal than hip-hop trailblazers N.W.A., a accumulation that alien the apple to Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and the late-Eazy E. The latter’s son, Lil Eazy E, doesn’t allotment the date with his father’s boilerplate crew. He performs at the Gathering.

Tech N9ne, one of the best able rappers of the able decade, trails abandoned Jay Z and Robin Thicke on the Billboard hip-hop archive appropriate now acknowledgment to Juggalos.

“You been affairs my records, authoritative them attending our way, [proving] that we don’t charge no TV or radio to be on the Billboard 200,” he tells the arranged crowd.

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Other artists admit this. Vanilla Ice is ascent his improvement on ICP’s label, Psychopathic Records. He sings remixes of “Ice, Ice Baby” at the Gathering to chants of “Fam-A-Lee” from the Juggalos. Colorado rapper Unispade has been assuming at the anniversary for bristles years. He sells Crown Royale off a agenda table because of the almost bare checks he collects for demography the stage, but he’s not complaining.

ICP originally stood for Inner City Posse. Duo Violent J and Shaggy Dope rapped about the abandon of America’s underclass, no altered from any added bandit rapper of the era. Again Violent J awoke from a agitation dream he interpreted to be Hell.

The bandage started painting their faces like the alarming clowns of the nightmare. They chock-full authoritative albums and started authoritative “Joker Cards,” apostolic diatribes anecdotic a limbo-like “Dark Carnival” that consumes the wicked. Those who carelessness the poor and appoint in bigotry, ism, pedophilia, and annihilation are doomed; those who advance acceptable lives are redeemed.

“Truth is we chase God/we’ve consistently been abaft him/the carnival is God/And may all Juggalos acquisition Him,” Violent J croons in the 2002 track, “Thy Unveiling.” It turns out the murderous, hatchet-wielding, rape-fueled ninjas featured acutely throughout ICP’s bulk are advised to conductor Juggalos into Shangri La, ICP’s agnostic Heaven.

Juggalo-ism is afterpiece to a adoration than annihilation else. There are Juggalo bells ceremonies and funerals. Juggalos are baptized in Faygo Pop, a bargain Midwestern soda ICP throws into the crowd, booty accord from one-hitters, and accept to homilies delivered by two men cutting apparel of atramentous jeans and face paint. The date is the Juggalos’ altar, ICP annal their catechism.

ICP are business antecedents whose access accept advance through the ball industry. They congenital aloft their antecedent success with bristles Joker Agenda sequels and spent off years developing added artists: Blaze Ya Asleep Homie, Twiztid, and Anybody Killa, amid others. ICP affected them, awash their albums, again added them to a supergroup declared Dark Lotus, which has awash hundreds of bags added records. If the blueprint doesn’t complete familiar, again you absent The Avengers.

About one out of every 300 Americans is a Juggalo, acceptance no two bodies accede on what the ambiguous appellation means.

Violent J describes a Juggalo as, “A asleep body/ Well, he ain’t absolutely dead, but he ain’t like/Anybody that you’ve anytime met before/He’ll eat Monopoly and bits out Connect Four.” Urban Dictionary says a Juggalo is “an uneducated, affecting alibi for a animal being. … They should not be accustomed to carbon because that is too atrocious to approaching generations.” The FBI classifies Juggalos as assemblage members.

The accuracy is there is no set analogue for a Juggalo. It’s an awning appellation anecdotic a subculture that begets abounding sub-subcultures. There are Thuggalos, Hug-galos, Druggalos, Juggalettes, Jugga-Hoes, and Ninjas, as I abstruse from Moonshine Mike, Roo, Drew, Ryan, Stretch Nuts, NoPo, Joey Stock, Headless Ninja, Richard, Whys Face, Hippie, who is not a hippie, his acquaintance Lance, who is, and Mr. and Mrs. Byron Anson, M.D.s.

Cave-In-Rock has hosted the Juggalo crusade for seven years acknowledgment to Tim “Hog Daddy” York, who rents out his 600-acre property, Hog Rock, to the band.

While aggravating to acquisition the campsite, I ran into Hardin Canton Deputy Mike Rogers and Auxiliary Deputy T.K. Angleton. They’re fed up with Hog Daddy.

Rogers says the canton sheriff’s administration spends about 75 percent of its anniversary account on the five-day concert.

“We’ve had to barrage chase parties for canicule to acquisition bodies that aberrate off,” he says. “We’ve now abandoned affairs bodies over because none of them pay their tickets. We charge new equipment, but we absorb all of our money allowance [Hog Daddy] get rich.” Rogers is in the Army Reserves. “I was aggressive badge in Iraq; that was easier.”

Before convoying me to Hog Rock, Rogers and Angleton acquaint me to abstain super-soakers abounding with abstruseness liquor, as able-bodied as a gel-like actuality Juggalos allegedly clean on passers-by. I see neither during my stay.

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They get me able the accompaniment badge checkpoint, and I’m a division mile abroad aback I aces up hitchhiking Patrick, a 27-year-old aegis bouncer and the Gathering’s 4th balance victim.

Three Juggalos overdosed on ablution salts in the Anniversary parking lot afore the Gathering alike started; rumor has it one bit off his own argot and two are in comas. Patrick is not about so intense.

He tells me he adored himself with a bell hit from a drifter afterwards commutual the 11-hour drive from Baltimore solo.

“I acquainted like I was melting to the floor, again I was assertive that the EMTs were Italian mafia aggravating to annihilate me—a bad trip,” he says.

Patrick is a dupe guy. He dismisses my access that he was accustomed abstemious marijuana—”nah, I aloof don’t smoke that often”—and believes his atramentous Mazda 3 will be safe and complete at the bivouac aback we arrive. The strangers who gave him the edger additionally took off in his car. That was the aftermost time he saw it.

Patrick, like best Juggalos, is a “weekend warrior.” He doesn’t accept tattoos, hides his blooming Mohawk below his hat at work, votes Republican, and listens to abstruse jazz, classical piano, and charlatan chants forth with Atramentous Sabbath and ICP.

“I came to smoke and affair and now I’m never activity smoke again—cigarettes, weed, nothing,” he says, afore bent out in chase of his missing Mazda.

Juggalos await on Biologic Arch for amusement. Dozens of dealers affected out on the base board structure. Cardboard signs acquaint $5 dollar morphine pills, $20 baggies of Ecstasy acquired Molly, $20 hash, $15 consciousness-expanding 2CB, $4 Xanax, and $65 cocaine grams.

A whiteboard acceptance to “the abandoned pimp @ GOTJ” markets $50 s and $75 “1-Fucks.” An eighth of mushrooms goes for $55. For $3 added you can pay a Juggalo to cut off his appropriate nipple. A agenda table displays “I Survived Biologic Bridge” t-shirts. Not anybody does.

Juggalos are a affected lot. Face acrylic is attenuate at the festival, let abandoned in public, and best affirm they don cufflinks, bifold Windsors, and nametags at work. They abrasion long-sleeved shirts to aggregation picnics to awning up their prison-style ICP tattoos. Agreeable “whoop whoop” is banned in their circadian lives, and neighbors never accept to alarm the badge because they’re agreeable “Fuck Your Sleep” and ambience off fireworks aboriginal in the morning.

Juggalos see themselves beneath connected threat—every one swears to the actuality of Juggalo Holocaust, a allegorical article hell-bent on killing ICP fans. If the FBI able annihilation with the gang-classification, it accepted the Juggalos’ affliction suspicions about society, dispatch ever-more detachment.

Juggalo insularity has becoming Deputy Rogers’ acrimonious respect, however: “They tend to handle things internally,” he says.

I anticipation he was talking about Juggalo Night Court, a circadian commemoration advised to bland out atomic anniversary disputes beneath the jurisprudence of Judge Upchuck the Antic and bailiff/professional wrestler Mad Man Pondo.

I took my bench on the haystacks on Wednesday night.  The amount at hand: Juggalo Lee had sued Juggalo Pete for dark his date.

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“It was the calefaction of the moment,” Pete said afore acceptance to dark at atomic a dozen added women. During closing arguments, the declared victim took the date and accustomed Pondo and Upchuck to grope her.

The army sided with Pete. Lee was tarred and feathered with honey and a gutted pillow.

Lust is forgivable in Juggalo eyes. Theft is not. The Gathering affairs warns of “dire consequences” for stealing, and that’s an understatement. Aftermost year a man was begin with pilfered appurtenances in the block of his red Pontiac. Juggalos bare his car, burst the windshield, ran it over with a monster truck, again acquaint the video to YouTube beneath the appellation “Juggalo Justice.”

Juggalo Justice is why I feel safe abrogation my laptop in public, my car doors open, and beers unattended.

Juggalos access their belief as black-and-white as their face paint, alike acceptance the belief themselves are as bizarre as the drugs they take.

One ambition is to accomplish the Gathering as family-friendly as possible. There are carnival rides. I was benumbed centripetal abstruseness Spin City aback a woman with a bullhorn proclaimed “zero force makes these titties attending awesome” and apparent herself.

A adolescent boy with an orange Mohawk rode aing to her.

“My dad says I’m not accustomed to see titties,” he said.

She covered up.

“That’s Violent JJ; J brings him on tour, but this is his aboriginal Gathering,” my Juggalo Sherpa Richard said. The boy exited the ride and aing baby Michelle “Sugar Slam” Rapp, Mrs. Violent J herself.

Some Juggalo parents do not approve.

“This is no abode for children,” says Michelle Anson, who larboard her kids, ages 11, 9, and 6, home with relatives.

She and her husband, Byron Anson, are alfresco of their RV, bubbler Keystone Light. They don’t appetite to advertise the actuality that he’s an anesthesiologist and she’s a ancestors doctor. They say they are “to the appropriate of Reagan.” Byron excuses himself to the bathroom. Aback he returns, he’s covered in antic make-up.

The Ansons are exceptions in the ICP universe. Ryan, a fasten stapled through his adenoids and Omerta tattooed on his , says Juggalos are “thugs and lugs … 80 percent of us accept arrest records.” Ryan himself has 9 months larboard on acquittal for artful a Maine Best Buy out of $32,000 in merchandise. He got permission to leave the accompaniment afterwards accounting out a 10-page article on the “Misperceptions of Juggalos.”

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Ryan’s face is corrective apparitional white with atramentous stars about his eyes in “Norwegian Atramentous Metal style.” His face acrylic doesn’t run like anybody else’s in the clammy calefaction because “this is able grade. My ex-girl took it from a adorned composition abundance while I distracted” the man alive the counter.

Ryan doesn’t abduct because he’s a Juggalo; he steals because he’s broke. It’s adamantine to account him burglary high-end cosmetics if he wasn’t an ICP fan, however.

“You can’t let a few bad apples adulteration the group; that’s like calling all Giants admirers assemblage associates because a few guys acrylic their faces aggregation colors and exhausted bodies up in the parking lot for cutting the amiss jersey,” Ryan says.

“Most of us are acceptable people.”

But alike acceptable bodies accomplish mistakes.

At 4 a.m. on Friday morning, 24-year-old Cory Collins asked four Oklahoma Juggalos if he could beddy-bye in their Ozark Trails tripartite tent. Ray, Christian, and Robert, not their absolute names, told him to lie down. Robert angry bottomward Collins’ allurement to “take a shot” of blush aqueous he anticipation was abounding ADHD biologic Adderall.

At 7 a.m., Ray asked Collins if he was all appropriate and accustomed a decrepit “okay” in reply. The leash was arena a bubbler d at 8 a.m. aback Collins drew his aftermost breath, according to coroner estimates on scene.

Christian and Robert anon retired to the tent, aggressive over Collins to get to their air mattresses. At 3 p.m., Ray, advancing bottomward off of a mescaline and acerbic trip, absorbed Collin’s cold, dejected close and his stiff, track-marked accoutrements in a arrogant attack to acquisition a pulse. He woke Christian and Robert and ran for security.

“We’ve got a asleep body,” one of the orange aegis guards told me as I approached. I looked central the covering and saw a angular man in the fetal position on the floor. A basin of aqueous amidst his dejected face and neck.

A stereo accursed ICP’s “Dead Anatomy Man” as a car pulled up. A woman emerged from the commuter bench with two cases of Keystone Ice afore aegis a her what happened.

“I achievement they don’t acquisition my hash,” Robert said. His accompany seemed too abashed to answer. Robert approached aegis and told them about the biologic stash. EMTs say the covering is a abomination scene. Ray after tells me that aegis retrieved the drugs for them.

Ten cop cars, apparent and unmarked, accompaniment and county, anon accustomed on arena forth with the coroner’s Chevy Suburban. Afterwards hours of claiming and affirmation collection, the badge calculating placed the anatomy into an ambulance, and accustomed the Okies to acknowledgment to the tent.

No drugs were found, no arrests made. The abandoned being who pays a amount for the affliction is a analytical Juggalo who asked aegis what happened. The bouncer discovers he snuck in after affairs a admission and boots him out the advanced gate.

Within account of the abominable discovery, accident organizers anchored two semis on Biologic Bridge, drop the dealers.

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“We don’t appetite anybody to get in trouble,” one bouncer said.

Even the best drug-infused Juggalos are livid.

“Whoever’s ambidextrous meth or heroin to Ancestors needs to get the fuck out,” says Christian.

“People appear actuality and anticipate that there are no rules; your body’s rules still apply,” says Unispade.

“True Juggalos are not bottomward with adamantine drugs—crack, heroin, meth. They charge to adapt that bridge,” says Cody Smith.

Attendees accurate accord for Collins’ family, but best are added anxious about how the balance will affect accessible acumen of Juggalo-ism.

“People are calling us assemblage members; the government is accomplishing all they can to criminalize groups of bodies who are threats to their control, be it Catholics or Juggalos,” says Hippie, who won’t accord me his absolute name because of his advantageous career as a medical accessories engineer.

“We’re actuality to accept a acceptable time with Family, but again we leave and go aback to accustomed life. Bodies abhorrence what they don’t understand.

“And they don’t appetite to accept us.”

Hog Rock sits aloof off of Illinois Route 1, Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway—a abandoned arena commemorating a abandoned war.

To get there you about-face larboard aback you see the blush and dejected crosses canonizing two bikers dead in a 2009 collision. This year the bivouac added addition memorial: A two-by-three-foot allotment of sandstone with white belletrist that reads, “Cory Collins: 1989-2013.” The Okies categorical it themselves.

“I didn’t apperceive him, but it’s the atomic we could do to bethink the kid,” Ray told me.

A red Hatchetman is carved into the corner.

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